Real happiness is being a free spirit. Drugs only create the illusion.
Creative Drug Prevention Strategies

Parents, teachers and responsible citizens share the universal belief that children, teenagers and young adults should not use street drugs. This conviction is enshrined in the drug free philosophy.

The philosophy is basically an ideal to which young people are encouraged to aspire. It rejects the depressing and disheartening notion that drugs are a normal part of growing up and that young people can be taught to use them in a responsible way. (This principle also includes the use of alcohol by minors).

Adolescents should never use psychoactive mind-altering drugs. Not only do they alter the character and personality of the individual, but the process by which they are formed.

The aim of the Drug free song is to unite all schools in a positive and creative way. We encourage schools from all over the world to communicate and share. We hope they will demonstrate to each other their interpretation of the song and use this as a starting point to reach out to the other in a spirit of tolerance and understanding of 'peace and harmony'.

Take up the challenge.

We can make a difference.

We encourage you to:

  • Seek patronage from a prominant citizen in your town or country.
  • Seek sponsorship from businesses that are youth-oriented.
  • Seek support from the media in the way of publicity.

  • Every School has an opportunity to interpret the Drug Free song in a unique and individual fashion that tells the world about their school and lifestryle.

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